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All current Gloster materials can be viewed at Outdoor Furniture Materials | Gloster. As current information may not account for all possible discontinued pieces, every attempt will be made to recap on this page details specific to E-Outlet pieces.

Full information on Care and Maintenance of all current Gloster materials can be viewed at CARE & MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS (



Our outdoor straps are constructed from polyester which is resistant to both mold and mildew. As the straps are an integral part of the furniture frame and cannot be removed, regular cleaning is required to keep this element in good condition. The strap material is stabilized to minimize the effect of UV light, but there may be a slight loss of colour over prolonged periods of exposure to sunlight. To reduce this exposure, we recommended you cover your furniture during the Winter months.



Our stainless steel items are made from 304 grade stainless steel - the industry standard for outdoor seating products. Brushed stainless steel is likely to develop some surface discoloration when exposed to a harsh environment such as the salt laden air found at most coastal properties. Any stainless steel furniture situated in a coastal environment will require regular cleaning to preserve the appearance of the surface finish.



Teak’s tight grain and high oil content make it exceptionally resistant to the elements. Small cracks, which may appear in the end grain of teak when exposed to the elements, and any change of appearance due to weathering are considered entirely natural for teak outdoor furniture. Teak components should be wiped with a soft cloth upon receipt to remove any residual sanding dust. Transfer of oil pigments onto fabrics and patio surfaces is to be expected with newly exposed teak as the surface color washes away.



Our buffed teak collections combine our premium teak with a wet sanding and buffing process that yields a luxuriant shine. Sanded to a smoothness beyond that of our standard teak, a high-speed buffing process then heats the natural oil of the teak, draws it from the timber and spreads it across the surface resulting in a lustrous polish-like finish that is completely organic. Exposed to the elements of weather, our buffed teak surfaces will turn the beautiful grey patina of our standard teak, yet when protected from moisture and ultraviolet light they will retain their buffed sheen.



We use only the highest grade of architectural HPL (High Pressure Laminate) for our tabletops in order to ensure exceptional resistance to ultraviolet light, moisture and weather. Please note that, regardless of surface color, HPL edges will always be black. And, while HPL is highly scratch resistant, deep scratches will reveal its black core color.



Gloster synthetic wood is made from fully recyclable EPS (expanded polystyrene), which mimics the natural beauty of wood with color variations and random grain patterns. Our synthetic wood leads the industry in weather and fade resistance, it is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 194° Fahrenheit and it does not absorb water, which eliminates the risk of mildew, splitting or cracking.



Our Aluminum collections utilize an electro-statically applied polyester powder coat finish, which completely blankets the surface of each piece. The result is a deep, rich finish that is extremely durable, corrosion resistant and virtually impervious to moisture.



Our entire Woven range is handcrafted using lightweight, corrosion resistant powder coated aluminum frames clad in the highest quality manufactured fiber. Soft to the touch, this remarkable polyethylene material is weatherproof and resistant to both tears and ultraviolet light.



Depending upon the collection, Gloster glass tabletops feature either polished or satin finishes. We use only the highest quality, tempered float glass in conjunction with baked-on ceramic backings to ensure perfect coating adhesion and durability.



Quartz/Stone/Ceramic table tops are comprised of a combination of natural and man-made materials. Gloster acrylic stone is a durable material that is impact resistant, non-porous, has excellent hygiene properties and is easy to clean. 



All of our upholstery fabrics are from Sunbrella solution dyed acrylic yarns, making them resistant to fading from UV exposure. Gloster Outdoor Performance cushions use the softest, most luxurious fillings that give the feel of the most comfortable indoor furniture. A highly water-resistant barrier beneath the outer fabric cover protects the fillings, keeping drying times to a minimum. When not in use, take care to store cushions in a dry environment.



Gloster outdoor rope is made from either a vinyl coated, high strength polyester yarn, or 100% acrylic fibres. Fibres are braided into a round rope profile of approximately 4mm diameter and are fully weather resistant.